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Over the years I have become greatful with life, Just because at 14 I was a pretty boy faced with a new problem in the form of red dots and acne doesnt mean that now at 17 with scars I have to give up on life.

From grade 9 to my now graduating year my face went from perfect to now what I would call mild but still highly seeable. About 12 or so scars on the right temple. 5 on the left, leading from the right temple to right cheeck is like 30 more. And like 2 on my forehead that actually matter.... along with like 4 or so here and there. Everyday I look in the mirror literaly to see if im still here and think more about life and its morals/meaning.

Im happy... Happy that god if there is a god... or that even science burdened me with somthing that has defeted me for this time being. I hate scars yes and hope one day I can wake up and not feel the need to walk to the mirror. I now touch and scratch at my itching face less.... Because once upon a time It was the itch that forced me to scratch and now know that the scratch is what got me the scars haha...

But anyway... it doesnt matter... express youself. live life and who cares... Im a lifeguard for god sakes.. im in water with people all the time... the mild scars on my arms and back plus the pure water taking my long hair off my face shows people everyday that I lost in the life test of acne..

I just hope that this one time I failed in triumphing over a burden doesnt burden me for the rest of my life..

By the way im 17, m and am from canada. smile.gif

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Sometimes i think god or faith gave me these scars to see beyond superficial things like beauty. To think about life in another way than this society wants you to think, buy, buy, beauty, consume, superficiality etc.

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