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Erm. this dnt seem right

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Ok. so ive started the regime like 3 weeks ago. been applying it every morning and night. TBH, this is like my 3rd time trying, ive tried it out in the past, but gave up like after a week or 2. but now ive decided im sticking with it as ive really have tried loadsa stuff apart from accutane. i really cant stand these damn acne nemore.

neway, so ive started 3 weeks ago. But now i seem to be getting alot more of those big spots. those ones which are under the skin, and kinda hard. they dnt hurt at all tho so im guessing there not the painful cystic ones. but like b4 i applied bp, i wud only get these kinda spots once every while, but now i have like dozens of them. sudnt the bp be working by now?? sudnt they be decreasing instead of increasin?? help!!!

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yep it sucks sad.gif

bp might be killing the bacteria, but that surely isn't stopping the toxins from trying to get out

happened to me aswell

if you want to stay on the regimen, i'd say all you can do is keep trying till the 3 month mark.

if not ---> http://acneyoda.com/index.php

is quite interesting

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