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Okay, I found this site today, went out and got Cetaphil Antibacterial, Nuetrogena On The Spot, and Cetaphil Moisurizer. Did I get all the right stuff? I also just went through the process like an hour and a half ago and my face still burns. It didn't burn until I put on the moisturizer, so should I switch moisturizers? I know this is only day 1 and I should see how my skin reacts to it but I'm really tempted to get St. Ives Apricot Scrub after the things I've read on here. I don't even really have Acne that bad, I mean don't get me wrong I definately do have Acne but its not really that much, like 10 zits in all, and they are only on my face. I'm a very self concious person though so I'm hoping this will help... Also I'm getting clumps on my face from the moisturizer mixing with the BP. Maybe I should just not use the BP and judt use the Soap and Moisturizer...?

Whew, I ask too many questions, lol.

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Hey there!

Don't give up already :) It sounds like you're using good products.

Make sure you are not using too much of the bp to start. Only use a TINY amount at first!

Check out The FAQ on this site (deals with questions like bp and moisturizer "balling up"), as well as the Biggest Mistakes page to make sure you are on track. :)

It's really worth giving the Regimen a try as is! Apricot scrub is tempting, and I know how good it feels immediately after using it (your skin is so smooth!) but it actually often ends up aggravating your skin more (even the sensitive kind). Apricot scrub is made of tiny apricot pit particles. These particles are not smooth and actually rip away at the surface of your skin. They do a good job of ripping off dead skin, but also end up damage the healthy skin underneath. At first, your skin just feels smooth, but the irritation caused can make your acne worse in the long run.

So, give the Regimen a try for at least a few weeks. :) Good luck!

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You will experience stinging and burning for a week, maybe two in the beginning of the regimen. That's just your face adjusting to the BP and will subside. For me, on day 6, it just suddenly stopped burning. So stick with the regimen for a good 3 months strictly, dont deviate, and you should see great results.

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