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Gettin alot of whiteheads

Well... yeah

im getting alot of whiteheads and their bad looking i know i could pop them

but i dont know the safe way to do it to get rid of them..

or some better way on makin them go away ?

lets hear some input ninja.gif

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I know it's really tempting, but almost always (especially if they're inflamed), pimples will end up looking worse, last longer, and are more likely to scar when you pop them.

If they're NOT red, inflamed or painful, and if there are VERY clear whiteheads, and you feel you MUST "pop" them, at least do it hygenically... sterilize a needle (using a flame or at least some rubbing alcohol), gently pierce the tip of the pimple, and VERY VERY gently press the sides of the pimple (wrap your fingers in tissue first, and DEFINITELY don't use your fingernails! You're just going to force the bacteria deeper into the skin). Apply rubbing alcohol or other antiseptic wound treatment to the spot.

Things really will turn out better in the long run if you avoid "popping" altogether. It really really is tempting though, but try to resist. :)

Are you on Dan's Regimen? If you use it consistenty, you should find you are getting fewer pimples, and that when you do get them, they are likely to disappear faster.

Even if you are not on the Regimen, at least spot treating with benzoyl peroxide can be very effective at getting rid of whiteheads!

EDIT: I was trying to find this section of the site before I posted, but finally found it now! Dan's advice on how to safely pop a pimple: http://www.acne.org/pop.html

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