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My Money Friendly Regimen

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After try every BP cream and SA treatment, I needed something better, I was thinking of getting proactiv, but Im 16, i cant afford that every month or so. I decided I was going to find the right combination of OTC products to mock the products in proactiv. After 3 tries I came up with the best one of ALL of them which cleared my skin in 4 Days!!! It is made of a wash, toner, and BP and SA cream.


"Clearasil Daily Face Wash" which creates a THICK lather. You can also buy this from Target as "Target Brand Daily Face Wash". Twice a day


"Clean and clear astringent for sensitive skin" It has the best cleansers and conditioners for your face and smells like peppermint. Twice a day

Repair Lotion

"Oxy BP for Sensitive Skin" and "Neutragena Rapid Clear SA gel" I mix these two together using Dan's "finger technique" You use a half finger size of BP and half finger size of SA. You mix it up real good by rubbing your hands together then applying all over your face. Twice a day

-Since I use sensitive products, I do not need a moisturizer.

Be gentle when you wash your face and use your CLEAN hands only and gently rub it in, then wash off completely and pat dry. Apply astringent with cotton balls, also being gentle. When your face is dryed off, apply the BP/SA mix, rubbing in gently until it vanishes. You may use more or less BP/SA if your skin is easily dryed out.

Let me know how you do if you decide to try it out.

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