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Maybe this will work - has helped me (Asian)

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have had the brown/dark spots that look like scabs in color but are under the skin for many months from picking about 8 months ago...finally got frustrated and used ACV (1:1 with water), soaked in tissue paper and just put that on my mark. (I read about this from another asian poster on this site and just adopted his method). before i knew it my skin was almost white and soft, and (stupidly or not) just kinda picked at it...before i knew it i hiad peeled off the darkened areas, and now i'm left with a slightly raw, but yet brown/dark spot free area of skin. Sure, that area is red and you can tell it is raw, but i was able to get the darkened areas (which are much more visible and harder to cover up than just the red) off. Now just using plenty of moisturizer to heal the area, and i'm hoping that the dark spots dont come back again (i hope not, since i was able to basically remove them)...

note - i left the tissue paper soaked with ACV on for about 10-15 min or so...kinda stings but that's fine. will definitely be using sunscren this week, but feeling slightly better since apparently the dark marks are gone. we'll see how the healing goes.

like i said, i'm not sure if htis is a "good" thing to do or not, but it has worked for me. staying out of sun, lots of moistuerizer and staying indoors, and hoping that i can acxtually look at myself in the mirror and smile and feel good again about how i look.

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