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I want to give up on the regimen

I'm on the 13th day of the regimen and my skin looks terrible. My pores seem a bit smaller but I have red marks all over my jawline and I'm breaking out in little whiteheads all over. Some of the pimples on my face hurt too, so I think they may be cystic (which has always been my biggest acne problem)

I'm using the following products:

-Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar Soap

-Dan's bp gel

-Eucerin Skin Renewal Lotion w/ SPF 15

My skin almost looks swollen. I don't know what to do.

Has anybody been in my shoes before? If so, how much longer did you use the regimen before you started seeing results?

Please respond if you can help, thank you! cry.gif

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I'm not using the regimen, but i've done similar to what you are doing...

I've never found that I got worse before I got better (except on Accutane)... normally when i start a new regime or product i get instant results... But when that has failed, i've been left in your situation where things were sore and swollen and it really looked and felt like something was wrong...

So my instincts told me to see my doctor... lucky i did because some of my pimples were actually infected (i hadn't picked them, my immune system was fighting off a cold, so it couldn't do both (fight the pimples too))! and if they get infected they ain't going anywhere quickly - they need treatment... i had to have some antibiotics... now I am completely ANTI antibiotics, but i do know that sometimes they are unavoidable...

Just see your doc and see what they say... they will prob say stop the regime, but i wouldn't do that (but don't tell them that you are going to disregard their advice!) -- but if you need antibiotics, even the topical type, it's better to get it checked out...

One thing that my beauty therapist told me to do if things get sore, red and swollen is to make up some chamomile tea, let it go cold, then pour into ice cube trays -- once frozen, rub the ice cubes over your face... chamomile is soothing and healing anyway and the ice makes it instant relief... Also drink about 2 cups of chamomile tea at night, drinking it soothes from the inside and it also helps to cleanse your liver and kidneys to aid detoxing impurities -- it will also make you feel nice and calm, less stressed and this helps skin to settle down too...

I hope this helps! eusa_angel.gif

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