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My derm and milk thistle

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A few days ago I went to see my derm to make sure everything was on the up and up for me taking Accutane. When I asked him about the liver-issue he said that the effects were minimal and only temporary but, I still asked him if taking Milk Thistle would help. I swear right after I brought up the fact that I was taking a few herbal supplements he started on this big speech about how they are nothing but a rippoff and that if they were really useful the FDA would of cleared them and so on. So now I'm wondering is it really safe to take the stuff? I trust my derm but, I think he might be a bit bias.

* oh yeah btw, I know I said awhile back that I was going to start taking Accutane but, my parents saw the bill and freaked. Now I'm on the generic brand Claravis but, hopefully it might work almost as well.

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I have been talking Milk Thristle and Dandelion Root since I started accutane 4 months ago and I am doing fine. Your derm might just be stupid, (yes there are stupid people with degrees)

Nothing bad has happened to me and I am sure that it helped my liver. I did some research on them.

I also take Vitamin E 400IUs every day and 12 grams of fish oil fats.

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