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Well, I woke up this morning... felt good; felt like I might be getting clear; been on a new regimen for 3 weeks now.

However, over the course of the day, I start to feel it; slight pain or tightness in certain areas - beside the nose, on the lower chin... right upper lip...

And voila; now its 3 in the morning, and I've got 3 huge ass pimples (among tonnes of healing red marks and smaller ones) that have conspired to ruin whats left of my thanksgiving weekend.

I'm so god damn tired of acne; when the hell is something going to work? I've tried every bloody regimen under the sun, and aside from a brief 3 week stint in the summer (bastard - fooled me real good that time), I've never been clear for the past 5 years.

Its getting to the point that I loath going anywhere; I hate leaving the house; I've put off to the point of destroying relationships because of it.

Right now, I don't think I'll ever be clear. It pisses me off. Sometimes I simply wish I could just cut my bloody face off and be done with it. grrr.

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Damn, I can relate to that. It's soo annoying and I'm also fed up with this waiting game and my skin playing tricks on me, letting me think it's getting better and then flaring up again. ARGH! eusa_wall.gif

I just finished my two week holidays and I've left the house two times, that's how much this crap is affecting me so I know how you feel about not wanting to go out. I think we're probably in the same boat, which is unfortunate. I really hope something works for you love. Sorry to hear that your weekend has been ruined by villainous acne. evil.gif I've got school tomorrow and I look like crap, not looking forward to waking up tomorrow sad.gif

Take care smile.gif

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