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do new supplements/diet make acne WORSE...

Im on my new regimine of chasteberry, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. PLus Ive recently become a vegetarian (Ive always eaten healthy and I eat VERY little sugar as well so I dont know if diet has anything to do with it or not). Recently my normally very bad acne has gotten even worse. sad.gif Im scared, I dont know if I should keep up what Im doing (Ive only been on the chasteberry three weeks or so, thats my main concern since it alters hormones)..should I give it longer to work? I also thought maybe I have candida..and so Im on the probiotics..can candida die off cause acne at first? Does anyone have any clue what I should try and do? I have pussy cysts all over my face and its excruciatingly painful to even wash my face. sad.gif

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well the fact that is getting worse can be a good sign if there has been alot of oil trapped under your skin, it has to come out eventually if you want your pores clear. However this could also mean that your are not doing enough in terms of bacterial control because bacteria causes clogged pores to become acne. throw some antibacterial supplements into your regimen is my suggestion.

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some good anti bacterial supplements are: Bee propolis/pollen, Echinaceia, Goldenseal, and Garlic is an antibacterial food.

Also boosting your immune system would allow your body to internally fight bacteria more effectively so things like vitamin-c and protien would help.

good luck!

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