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well i went to the dermatalogist about two weeks ago. i had about 40 zits (most just regular small pimples). i was going to ask the derm for duac gel since one of the members on this forum had such great luck with it. the derm had no problem prescribing duac for my achne, but he also prescribed differin gel. ok back-tracking my skin; i had VERY oily skin and lots of zits everywhere. differin has worked miricals on my skin to compleatly STOP the oil! i'm so amazed! i remember today i was telling mom how i can actually go through the normal skool day without using a napkin to blot the oil off!

i've only used the duac gel about 3 times so far since it's so drying. i think drying is the key. with differin, my skin is dried alot and occasionally peels.

i'm so in love with differin because my zits actually go away quicker! and if you leave them white, they just flake off durring the day instead of picking (which leaves scars).

another mirical product is Murad face wash. it dries my skin without over drying. it helps make my zits flake off, controls my reddness and controls my oil.

eusa_pray.gif i'm just praying that these results last! eusa_pray.gif

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Dryness isn't particularly good for you, it could cause further damage as your body produces more oil to coup with the dryness increasing your breakouts. I would suggest putting on a mild-mostruiser.

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