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Well I've been using this website as a resource for about 7 months now, and reading the message board for about 4, but I only recently registered.

Acne was never really a problem for me, well not what I considered to be a problem.. from the ages of 15 - 18/ I got mild spots and the occasional cyst on my forehead.... no big deal, I still functioned.

I started University with a pretty clear face, but as the year progressed my acne got worse and worse (im 19 at this point). Pustuales and cysts were a regular occurance on my forehead and round my jaw line, I dreaded going to sleep because I knew the next day I'd wake up and find new horrible clumps of acne.

Yep I know how many of you feel, you wake up in the morning and have a few seconds of hazy bliss before you remember your acne and realise your going to have to face the mirror and see brand new spots.

Pretty soon I was avoiding social engagements, constantly pretending to be ill.... and saying I had 'family crap' I had to attend too. It really did suck. I didnt like hanging out with my friends because all I could see was their baby skin perfect forehead and it would just make me angry and depressed, I couldnt have fun doing anything.

I thought that this must be as bad as it can get, and that soon i'd grow out of it.

Luckily I came accross this site... and was totally horrified by what I read....

From what I had been reading on these forums I soon realised that battle of acne may only just be beggining and that 19 is the age where it just STARTS to get severe, I was left feeling totally sick and depressed at this thought....... here I am 19 years old, and the prospect of having to deal with this shit until im about 23.

Whats worse is I was a late bloomer, I was 5ft 5 until I was like 18, then I shot up to 5ft 11... so I thought it very well could be the case my hormones are catching up with themselves and acne was just beginning.

Well fuck that I thought, as soon as I realised there was a chance this was just the start of my acne problem, I marched straight to a private dermatologist and basically demmanded accutane or Roaccutane as its called here in the UK.

Here I am 2-3 months in on my roaccutane course of 2 x 20 mg tablets a day and I am almost clear, I mean im still getting maybe 2 - 3 small zits a week, but theres none of this waking up with 4 huge inflamed pustuales every morning, its lovely, and Im hoping it will continue to improve.

I basically wanted to write this to THANK all you people for the vast resource of information you have collectivly created on this message board, you prompted me into early action and possibly saved me YEARS of messing about with products that just dont work.

I still have 2 months left on my course, and I keep praying for the side effects to be kept to a minimum, *prays* *prays*, but my skin is starting to look good.

In my opinion, anyone whos life is being effected to the degree that mine and a lot of other peoples are by this disease, you should really consider going on accutane/roaccutane. If your avoiding friends/job/education because of it... consider it.

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