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Initial Acne Flare Taking Roaccutane

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Dear all,

I am 25 y.o. and weighs about 50kg.

Five weeks ago, my derm started me on roaccutane 20mg daily. From the 3rd week onward, I started to have more and more acne cysts on both of my cheek. I heard about that some people will have a bad flare up at the beginning but what worries me now is the degree of the eruption. Also, they just don't seem to stop at all!

Does anyone have similar experience like me ? How can I deal with it ?

How long can I expect this flare up to last for ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi I had a similar thing. I never used to have cystic acne but in the intial break out period these pimples appeared instead of the regular ones. This lessened after 2-3 months..I was on 40mg/day. Even though it is horrible and embarassing it is imporatnt to remember that it DOES GET BETTER. Try to stay positive!

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This is my one big fear with going on roaccutane, if i ever get on it, that my skin will get even worse for a time and perhaps scar. But as TaneWoman, said "it DOES GET BETTER"

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In the beginning I did get a massive outbreak. Mine actually lasted for quite a while and I had to carry on my Roacctuane treatment for about 12 weeks. I was on quite a high dose - 85mg a day.

My Dermatologist actually prescribed me Fuicidin ointment whilst I was on Roaccutane, it certainly helped the redness and dryness.

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I never really had cysts before it, I had three the day I got it, my derm saw them and got me on Accutane. All of them went down the next few days (amazing), Im getting two again in the same spots (sucks) but accutane and my purpose bar should kill them off soon enough. eusa_pray.gif

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I had a really bad initial breakout also. I had huge cysts on my forehead and cheeks. It was real embarassing. I'm now on my third month and I no longer get the big cysts but I have some scaring from where they used to be.


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