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Proactiv... BREAKOUT? Photos.

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I started Proactiv on Thursday, and so far I've really liked it. My skin hasn't been irritated at all (a great surprise) and although my face can be a bit red and flushed looking, I find it's a nice change to my usual... ghastly pale face.

Anyway, just then as I went to brush my teeth I saw that every pimple I have (you'll notice they're all on the chin, around the mouth) had come to a big, hard, pussy head ninja.gif.

They look like they'd be very easy to pop, but I've resisted the temptation to find out whether you guys have had the same experience? I can't tell whether it's breaking ME out or not, or whether it's just bringing all my pimples to a head eusa_eh.gif

Is this normal!?

user posted image

(Last night.)

user posted image

(Now, ugh. Trust me, it's very painful sad.gif )

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IF you read the little booklets it comes with it should say somewhere that you should expect a breakout.

Anyway I bought this in uhh April (or late March) anyway I stopped around Mid May. I am permanently scarred (Or so I have been told by a doc) all over my face.

I've always had breakouts, but Proactiv's made me breakout all over even in areas I normally didn't get acne. After I quit, they all turned to red marks. I still get pimples time to time but they never leave a scar, I dunno though Benzoyl peroxide seems to work really good for some people, i'm unlucky smile.gif I've probably spent around $300 since May trying to get rid of this.

Oh my god... now I'm terrified shock.gif. Do you have sensitive skin or something!?

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Okay... I haven't had the same problems with Proactiv that other people have had. It works pretty amazingly at reducing my oil and clearing up my face while I'm on it, although eventually I get bored with it. I recently switched back to it from the Regimen, due to time constraints. But to answer your question, just the other day I had two small pimples on my chin and yes, they did exactly what you're describing. But mine were so little I just popped them.

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The last thing I want to do is frighten you, but after using Proactiv for a year and a half, I came to this conclusion.

The little beads in the cleanser tore away my pimples, and that's why I have little craters. When it worked, I had the nicest complexion I'd ever had in my life. But for some unknown reason, I also got the worst lesions I'd ever had, in occasional breakouts. So I couldn't trust the product. I would also get irritated on and around my nose. I tried to be very gentle, and diluted the cleanser well. I should point out that I have very sensitive skin, meaning I can't touch my face, or it will leave a red mark, can't scratch like you see people doing without a thought, as that leaves a scar.

My instincts told me that it was potentially damaging to be massaging the cleanser over lesions. I'm sorry I didn't trust my own judgment.

I have been using Panoxyl aquagel for sensitive skin, and have yet to get a pimple like I got while on Proactiv. I've certainly never gotten any of those little craters. I had also used this and other bp products for 20+ years without this kind of problem, actually, no problem of any kind.

Just monitor your skin, and be very careful if you choose to use the cleanser on lesions. Btw, according to the Proactiv infomercial, the derms specifically state that there is no getting worse before getting better. I can understand that with an SA product, but not bp, though there are differing opinions on this matter.

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I've always had breakouts, but Proactiv's made me breakout all over even in areas I normally didn't get acne. After I quit, they all turned to red marks.

SAME HAPPENED TO ME! I used to only get them on my forehead, once I started using proactive it was all over my face, and they left red marks! Proactive is CRAP!

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