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you clear up a bit, you feel good then

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I was feeling pretty good this morning as I didnt have much active acne on my face, only 1 spot which is dying and shrinking at the minute, and some very tiny pinhead things. lots of redmarks as ever though. But then about an hour ago, I felt a new spot coming up to the right of my nose, which will probably me a medium sized one! It just completely alters my mindset when this happens. It makes me so pissed off as it reminds me that although I've made progress, I still haven't escaped acnes greasy little mitts. This lesion in particular probably wont even last that long, as my acne doesn't these days, but its gonna add another red mark. Things could be so much worse, acne wise. But still it haunts me and traps me

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Deep down I probably do feel shit about my skin 24/7, but I manage to convince myself that its not so bad at times...but then I get a new skin bursting spot or look in a mirror in bad light or whatever sad.gif

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Talk about ironic! I was feeling great the past week because i had no breakout, nothing, no whiteheads, etc! And this morning when i woke up, spotted 5 whiteheads and i popped them...(Dont' tell not to because they disgust me and now i have like 5 red spots! )

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Yeah this is absolutely the worst part. You think youre on your way to being clear and bang a breakout occurs. I was doing great for a couple months, had a bad breakout and just freaked out and started popping everything like crazy.

This happens to me once in a while and is a huge probem. NEVER go on a big popping spree because you will regret it so much later if they turn into scars.

Right now i decided to just get off BP and just use a salycic acid and BP cleanser day and night, with moisturizer at night. i just want to get my skin looking and feeling healthy rather than full of medicinal cream.

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our thinking about our acne def makes it worse...

this is why I avoid mirrors as much as possible...or step way back when I need to look

stress and anxiety is not a good thing at all....

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