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i hate my scars and my acne

hi there,

i am 27 years old, and cant stand my scars on my face, i have always had break-outs, here and there, and wouldnt scar from them, but after a stressful break-up my skin started breaking out really bad, cystic type acne. i dont know if my hormones got all whacked out or what, but they left scars on my face that i cant stand, and makes me very depressed. it was hard enough to go through a break-up , but now to have scars on my face. could it get any worse. i dont even want to go out anymore, and it sucks. and the thought of dating anyone now, is rough for me cause i am embarrassed about my scars, and my face keeps breaking out. i thought i was too old for this. i have been using tazorac at night, but i still break out, it worked for me before but not so much now. can stress really cause these kind of break-out. and what about scars. is there really any effective treatments for them, that really improve scars, not to mention, i still break out. you cant really have scar treatment done with break-outs. i am really upset cry.gif i have completely lost my self esteem and was never like this before. now i am newly single and have to feel like crap because of scars. anyone else feel this way


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There are many people that feel this way....

I'm one of them.....

Stress does cause breakouts...along with lack of sleep

the last couple weeks ive been stressed out turned my face nasty...

its always bad but im talking like 6 new whiteheads a day...

The best thing to do is look at these forums...

I just started a hole new regiment today....

tryed aloe vera gel for the first time and with one app. my face looks better...

my skin tone has been so wacked and now its looking better...

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dont stress too much about it , stress make it worse and even if u think about too much , it wont go away, so why worry and just enjoy life ?? i know its hard but TRY !!!

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