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well i am twenty one years old, and i've tried every over the counter products like neutrogina oxy and what not but never stuck with one product too long due to my patience. I had severe acne on my forehead and chin and above the lip area, but none on the cheeks.

then i foudn this product called nature's cure when i was 16, and for some reason i just continued using the product and in about two to three years the face totally cleared up, however i began to think that it was me aging and getting rid of acne totally just like majority of the people do.

so once i stopped taking nature's cure in my college sophomore year, (or last year) i slowly started to develop acne again, but i thought it was the stress i was going through (i was going through big issues with my girlfriend at the time) and i thought i'd get rid of it soon since i was TWENTY years old and all.

Unfortunately, due to alot of 8 AM classes, i never got more than 3 hours of sleep on monday wednesday fridays, and i began to develop acne in SEVERITY to a point where it easily surpassed my sixteen year old self. The problem was that now the acne began growing on the CHEEKS not the forehead, so i began using the pro-activ product and had little success, but it didn't last very long.

So now being 21, i went back to nature's cure. Is it time for me to get on accutane and see a dermatologist? what do you guys recommend?

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If it's severe and no combination of products seems to be working, then maybe it might be time to see a derm. I wouldn't recommend accutane, but that's just based on my own experience. I was on it when I was 16 and my skin was pretty good (still not perfect, but better) for a few years. Sometime during college it got pretty bad again. I stopped going to my current derm a few years ago cause she kept trying to put be back on accutane for a second time and I don't want to do that again. I don't think the side affects are worth the "clear" skin, especially if you may have to be on the drug for more than one cycle. I'm almost 25 and I still have bad acne. My dad is in is mid 40's and he still has acne. I've faced the facts that I'm a lost cause and I'm just trying to find products that wil make my acne more manageable. So far what I've learned is that no one skin care line works 100%. I need to pick out the best from different brands and use what works. All of the products that my derm has given me were all really drying and at the time I thought that tight dry feeling was supposed to be good. Some of the products burned and some tingled. None of the pills the prescribed really did anything for me except for accutane, but there are a lot of potential side affects. Now I know better and am debating going back to a different derm to see if they may have other solutions.

Whatever you choose, good luck.

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thank you for such a thoughtful response. I just wanted to mention that i forgot a couple of points.. wonder if you think they are any relevant.

my acne seems to be really cyclistic, i almost cleared up again in the summer without any sort of medication, just sleeping lots and being stress-free.

natures cure seems to be working once again, if i keep this up for a while i might get the results.

i THINK my skin is ultra sensitive, because every product i apply to my face always has caused more acne, but the natures cure pills just worked fine.

my other major concern right now would be about post-acne scar treatment. I get dark brown spots everytime acne is done with its business on my face, and it doesnt go away for couple months. (although it does totally go away in like six to ten months) what products do you guys recommend for scar treatments?

i noticed that everytime i touch my face, it makes that part of the face alot more acne-prone, what can i do about itchings on my face?

thanks for your response once again

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u have ance in the same places i do but my isnt so much cystic and im 24. i use to think i had really ultra sensitive skin, and i was using alot of over the counter cleansers and medications which do help the problem at face value somewhat but i realised i had to address the root of the issue. i suggest u try Vitamin B5 like Vilantae- give that a go for 2 months and see how ur body adapts to it. its natrual and b5 has an excellent reputation eusa_angel.gif

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