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University Medical Acne Scar Eraser

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OMG...You all won't believe this, but I was at Alberstsons tonight and decided to peruse the skin care product section. All of the sudden these new product are cropping up everywhere that specifically state they help to "level acne pockmarks with the surface of the skin" For example, they had University Medical Acne scar Eraser. It is so bold as to state right on the front of the package that it will minimize the appearance of pockmarks in just two weeks. Apparently this is a New product. Sure it's a far fetch, but it only cost 20 bucks and with a receipt I would return it if it didn't work.

Hey this could be good news now for more and better products to come out to treat scarring just like all the ones that are out there that claim to minimize wrinkles. If a product actually came out that worked that market would be cornered! Anyway, the active ingredient is Oxygen Pepetide A. If any of you guys can dig up something on Google on this that would be great.

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Yea I will, but you know something funny, I found nothing on google on this!!! It may be an extremely new product (like came out today or yesterday because the packages looked brand new and weren't covered in dust). That is so weird that I can't find anything on it, but it is sold in a grocery store!

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I am actually usuing both the Clearasil and University medical acne scar kits together. Hopefully, it won't interfere with the results.

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To date, nothing topical has ever worked to reduce my scarring so i'm really not expecting much out of this, but you always still hope!

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