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My regimen log on dermatology

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I have been suffer acne since the beginning year of 2005. I went to see two different doctors and they both gave me antibiotics and creams to apply on my face. The cream is effective but they don't help to clear up my acne completely. I have taken the medicine and apply creams for six months before I decided to go for dermatology. FYI, I went for dermotology at last coz my acne break out more when i went to highlands. I realised that the cream and the antibiotics do not work for me. FYI, all those acne cream, gel, cannot clear 100% for my skin. They temporary clear up my skin only. Later, they grow back. For your information, I request the doctor to write me a referer letter 2 weeks ago to see the dermatology (where I found the dermatology name from our local Hospital website) after my acne is still yet to clear and getting worse after went to the highlands.

Today, 7, Oct 2005, I went to see the dermatology and she suggested me to take the tetracycline on a dose of 250mg twice daily with empty stomach. After two hours of taking the pill, I can only take my meals including milk. She also give me two bar of soap call "Acne-Aid" manufactured from UK when I told her I have oily skin type when she asked me. Besides that, she also give me a bottle of sulphur 4% ET. Calamine Lotion to apply on my face for twice a day.

She advised me not to use cleansing foam but use a bar acne soap like "Johnson baby bar soap" in the morning and use "Acne-Aid" bar soap in the evening and if I'm not mistaken.

The bar soap is to used once a day because she said regularly use the "Acne-Aid" bar soap may dry up my skin if I'm not mistaken.

She ask me to take the pills for 6 weeks. After six weeks, she asked me to pay her a visit and see my progress. She said my skins would be clear between 3 to 4 months based on her previous medication experience. She said most patient of her get better after take the similar prescription. And she told me the chances of the prescription not working is low. She said if it doesn't work for me after 6 weeks, she said she will give me another prescription and ask me not to worry.

I told her the acne was caused by stress and lack of sleep when she ask me how and when I got acne. She also metioned to me that acne grow not because our face is not clean enough.

I will keep you all update on my regimen logs on the dermatology prescription. If I successful clear up my skin, you all may try the similar prescription. Cheers.

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