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Whats been your most agressive regimen?

When I was about 19 and knew virtually nothing about acne, this is what I was doig to my face every day for about 2 weeks out of sheer desperation


1. Use facial Scrub

2. Shave

3. Wash face with face wash

4. Put on clay face mask for 15 minutes

5. Wash face with face wash

6. Put on moisturiser

Back in from work

1. Wash face with facewash


1. Use facial scrub

2. Steam face with hot water and towel for 10 minutes

3. Wash face with face wash

4. Apply Isotrexin topical gel

AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I was mad! Didnt really overdry my face or anything though and my acne didnt get worse in that time, but it really wasnt helping either!

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OMG, u were like washing ur face 7 times in a day. i counted the face wash, scrub AND mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gentle is the way to go for acne. trust me on this one.

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Now I just wash 2 or 3x a days and use differin in the morning and then benzamycin at night, I havent touched a face mask or facial scurb in nearly two years. And balla, don't bring up your washing/oil theory in this post please! save that for the research forum!

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