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Sorry I wrote a lot!

New to this board found it through google search trying to get post my review about alpha hydrox products. Just wanted to share the only product that has ever cleared up my blackheads/cystic acne * clogged pores. DHC deep cleansing oil.

I have tried just about every high end brand found at department stores & sephora with no luck. Proactiv, murad & other acne products advertised on tv. The only thing that has ever worked for me is DHC deep cleansing oil. I was hesitant to use their cleansing oil because why the heck would i want to put oil on my oily face?. But the oil gives a deep cleansing like no other and prevents and treats acne.

This cleansing oil worked a lot for me like prescription differin gel, all of the acne/blackheads came to the surface then after a week and a half they all went away and my face has been clear since (almost 2 years) . I went from 10 new pimples etc a day to less then 20 pimples a YEAR. This stuff has been a miracle for me!

Note* When I run out of the bottle and dont have any back up bottles my cycstic acne DOES come back which sucks but when I do replace my bottle I do not have to go back through the purging stages, my skin will clear right back up and stay clear as long as I am using it.

Do not be afraid of oil, I overlooked this product so many times due to the "oil" word as part of the cleanser name. I finally tried a sample that came free in the mail & I was hooked. Girls, this removes makeup as well as eye makeup so thats another great thing about this product

For a list of brands I went through before this here are most of them: drugstore:

neutrogena,olay,ponds,clearn & clear, clearasil, eucerin,alpha hydrox, nivea, cetaphil,dessert escence, phisoderm, jason natural,sally's brand beyond belief/aha/bha, avon, mary kay,loreal,aveeno,noxema,biore,klear action,oxy,st ives,stridex, natures cure

for high end brands lines of skincare that did not work: philosophy, jason, juicy beauty, mac,lancome,murad, proactiv,signature club a, estee lauder,chanel,benefit,md formulations, ddf,elizabeth grant, vera of bel air,serious skincare,peter thomas ross,caudalie,dr brandt,bliss,astara,clarins,nars,christian dior,prescriptives,n.v. perricone

Not to mention other no name brands found in stores that were not popular lines but were "miracle kits" for acne. Some I found online and on ebay that used essential oils etc that only made my skin worse despite their good feedback on the product. I know I listed a lot of lines but I have used every one over the years & its not a lot compared to how many brands are out there for acne/oily skin.

Besides DHC deep cleansing oil the only product that has worked for me for treating acne is Paula's choice oily skin care line including the bha toner/lotion and extra strength blemish solution. However, Paula's choice did not prevent acne but only treated what I had. DHC has been the only thing to keep me acne free.

*** I had mainly cystic acne not just little white heads, but painful large acne, I assume this cleanser has the same effect on small pimples but I cannot say for sure because I suffered from cystic acne & blackheads only.

I would like to add Im not advertising for DHC. I do NOT even like DHC's foundations or their line of blemish products because they are SO DRYING!!!!!

DO NOT buy their oily skincare line (includes a soap and blotting toner) because it is super drying which caused me to break out even more due to over active oily glands from my skin being dried out. If you go to their website this deep cleansing oil is not even advertised for acne but for all skin types. In their customer reviews more people post about deep cleansin oil working then their blemish skincare kit- i wish they would get a clue and see that their blemish skincare kit does not work and that they could help more people if they advertised the deep cleansing oil

My current skincare routine:

DHC deep cleansing oil

any drugstore bha toner (any product with salicylic acid) *for blackheads*

Olay total effects anti aging/anti blemish moisturizer (has bha) *for blackheads/clogged pores*

Paula's choice bha lotion

Natures's Finest Alpha Hydroxy lotion only on areas I have blackheads.

I use the bha products to help keep my skin blackhead free from the different makeup I wear but my skin is clear due to DHC cleansing oil

*went from oily/tons of blackheads, clogged pores & cystic acne to completely clear skin * with a glow*

Last thing, if you look online the reviews for dhc deep cleansing oil are very high, this is not just some product I alone have experienced clear skin with . Not only their deep cleansing oil, but Fancl & Shiseido brand cleansing oil's reviews are very high (I have only tried dhc thats why im writing about it)

..... There are even recipes out there for homemade cleansing oils which I would like to try in the future because Im tired of paying for DHC and obviously without it I will have cystic acne so this is something I will need forever unless one day my skin miraculously clears up. The recipes mainly include an oil like Olive, rosemary etc and some sort of product that helps the oil to rinse clean. Their is something about oils that clean deeper then regular foaming, gel or cream cleansers * i do not like products with 10 essential oils those make my skin worse*

** I do not have a lot of time to post stuff online and do not visit boards like these often but If I ever find a good homemade recipe/substitue for dhc oil I will be sure to post it ***

Okay thats it I promise!

When I saw the boards here for products people are liking I could not resist & I know the feeling of suffering with acne especially large cystic acne that you cannot cover with makeup, I can only imagine how worse guys feel because they cant cover it.


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