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Pimple Question

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Hi all,

I was just wondering about the popping a pimple advice on the main site?

It says squeeze until blood comes out.

The thing is after the blood and Pus flows ooze out, what should u do?

Wipe it away? leave it alone? What i do is apply more Oxy 5 onto the area.

No matter what I do it will leave behind an ugly red mark.

Now I do not have any pimple outbreaks but red marks all over.

I use clearsil ice wash btw.

Can any of you help me out here?

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You really shouldn't be squeezing in the first place if you can avoid it. But I understand that sometimes, there are zits that just gotta be popped.

After I squeeze my zits, and ooze keeps flowing, I'll sometimes put a little thing of toilet paper on it to absorb it so it doesn't run down my face--which would probably be infecting more areas. This is similar to when I cut myself shaving. After it's clotted some, I apply neosporin (you don't need to add anymore Oxy/BP to it, in fact you should probably avoid that stuff cause it may make it harder to heal).

Yes, it'll leave an ugly red mark behind, but neosporin and some aloe vera may help alleviate it and help heal it.

Also, you may want to think about The Regimen and the products you are using.

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