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Make-up changing color???

Hello! I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been asked before...

I bought some make-up a few weeks ago, and was so happy about the great match on the color (seems I usually manage to get it wrong). Two weeks ago, I found this site and started the "regimen". My skin is much clearer, but now my make-up looks kind of orange on my face--like I used a sunless tanner or something like that. I'm wondering if the BP (I'm using the neutragena on-the-spot cream) is reacting with my make-up?? Is the gel better?? I'm just feeling so depressed about it...I look bad w/o make-up---and since the "color change", I look terrible with the make-up too! Someone noticed enough today to say something about it cry.gif How embarrassing... I really appreciate any advice!

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Sometimes I get this too if i wear anything under my foundation or if my skin is too dry. Is your skin getting really dry? Very rarely can I just walk in a store and pick out a foundation...I usually have to get 2-3 and mix them myself at home. It's a hassle and it's expensive but it's worth it to feel comfortable in your own skin.

What brand are you using? I'm using revlon colorstay and sometimes it'll morph on me if my face is too dry or oily. I just lighten it up a bit...a little more than i think is necessary because I know throughout the day it'll turn darker. I'd rather it be too light than too dark.

Also, yes, i think a gel would be better. It's not as thick as a cream.

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Thanks for the reply...The make-up I got was Dream Matte Mouse. I think its Maybellene(sp?).I know its one of those drug store/cheap ones, but it was really working well before I started with the BP. I just need something that works b/c I still have a lot of red spots where the acne was (no "active" areas right now--hurray). My skin is much better, but I only know that b/c I touch it-and can feel it getting smooth instead of lumpy. Just from looking at it in the mirror, it still looks bad. I haven't told my dh or any friends about the regimen b/c I wanted to see if anyone would notice. No one has yet b/c these old spots are still visible. Maybe some day, I won't need make-up to hide under, but I sure do for now. I'm also using Purpose face lotion if that matters. Anyone else had make-up change colors?

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There are a lot of reasons this could be happening. This happened to me a little while ago as well.

1) there is a chemical in the makeup (forget what its called) that reacts with certain people and makes the makeup turn colors. Solution: try a new brand.

2) How do you apply your makeup? Do you use your fingers? After a while, the oil and chemicals from your skin react with the makeup in the container and serve to contaminate it. You should always use a sponge or brush. Clean the brush regularly and/or change out your sponge often.

3) Where do you keep your makeup? If you keep it in your purse or anywhere near the sun or heat, that can also cause a chemical reaction. I had a make-up artist suggest keeping my makeup in the refrigerator to help it keep longer.

Hope that helps some.

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