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This is sort of off topic in a way but I have always had menstrual cramps. When I was 13 I would sometimes stay home from school because of them. Now that I;ve gotten older they seem to be worse. I not only have lower abdominal cramps but I have lower back pain and breast tenderness. Someone told me that when you get heavier, the cramps become more painful during your period. This made sense to me because when I was 13 I was 15 lbs. heavier than my average (105) then lost weight but gained some more in high school. Is the weight thing contributing to more painful cramps?

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about 2-3 yeasr ago I had a real heard time with my periods I would get cramps, low back pain and I would throw up. About 2.5 years ago I started belly dancing, and now I fell just fine when I get my periods. No cramps or anything eusa_dance.gif

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I don't think weight has much to do with cramps. I could be wrong, but I'm 110 lbs (and 5'2" ish) and have always gotten bad cramps. Like you, mine have gotten worse as I've gotten older (I'm 18 now, been having period/cramps since I was 12). I get severe cramps, and feel really sick sometimes. When I start, if I don't take a pain killer within an hour or 2 I usually throw up because it's so bad. It's only that bad for the first day or 2 for me though.

Olive leaf: once you started belly dancing you didn't have any problems with cramps? does that have something to do with strengthening the lower ab muscles at all? Just curious! smile.gif

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I used to do ALOT of excercise and be super fit and I never had a problem with cramps at all- it was like as if I wasnt on my period or anything.

However, I got ill, and had to stop doing the same amount of exercise as i used to, so as my fitness level in general fell, i suddenly started to get really bad period pains. I've been working on my fitness again now.. and the period pains are non existant smile.gif

from my experience, you should do more exercise, that way your muscles will get stronger.

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I’m extremely thin and used to play tennis every day for at least a couple of hours and cycle quite a bit and still had terrible cramps. It really must depend on the kind of exercise one does as mine was more legs and upper body. I can see how something like belly dancing or aerobic workout type exercise really help in strengthening the correct muscles. I started taking a Tbsp brewers yeast, blackstrap molasses, wheatgerm, ricebran etc 5 mornings a week in oat/rice milk (tastes gross but I block my nose) for health and noticed I stopped getting cramps as a side benefit. I don’t know if this would work for everyone but I think it has something to do with magnesium and molasses. I like the sound of belly dancing though!

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