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was i suppose to be clear now?

im wondering.. am i suppose to be clear... listen to this story and u'll understand what im saying. i dont remember the age.. so i'll just put the grade.. in 8th grade i started getting acne... i was still crystal clear but i had just some softball sized cysts on the tip of nose, and corner of nose... at the time i didnt think nothing of it and just used clearisil and squeezed the bastards. but when 9th grade comes it gets worse and i gotta go to the doctor... Benzamycin really helped and cleared me up.. but pimples were still coming..... and i was also oily as hell... but to make a long story short.. then from 9th grade to 12th .. i've tried it all from benzamycin, retin a, differin, clindamycin, differin, tazorac.. so anyways.. i decided to try accutane... my face had moderate acne... but my back and shoulders were horrible... so horrible that i didnt even play football cauz it hurt way too bad in order for me to put on the shoulder pads.. i mean.. i couldnt even wear a dam book bag on my shoulders cauz i had cysts and shit all over that it would just hurt too bad... but anyways....... so i just said fuck it im trying accutane... and then from may 03 - octoober 03 i took accutane..it broke my face out so bad.. maybe it broke out my back too.... there was so many i couldnt even tell... but in that 6 month span i was on accutane.. my face didnt stop breaking out.. but after i got off of it... my back and shoulders were 100% clear... and i just used pro active on my face after accutane.... but here is my question though... accutane cleared up my back atleast 95%, which was 100000x worse than my face.... but does anyone think that my face should have been fine after accutane.. and thhe only reason its breaking out still is cauz i fucked with all the medicines.. maybe they irritated my face when my face wasnt even suppose to get acne no more....??? btw... after accutane... medicines i've used on my face that all turned out shitty were BenzaClin, Retin A micro, Clinac Oil control, Duac, pro active, neutrogena on the spot,.... but what does people think about that?

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