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Does anyone know any aestheticians/derms that do TCA CROSS in the UK?

I know oursfan( or was it rossignol) posted a place in Warwickshire called the BIO2clinic but I can't find any info about them.

My husband got a new camcorder the other day and I saw my right cheek when the light was shining on it..it looked hideous. I'm so fed up. I want to be able to wear my hair up and not feel as though I have to hide behind my hair all the time. I want to go on nice holidays and go out without makeup. I can see when people look at me they look at my cheeks and soem even doa double take!

Current regime:

2% salysylic acid face wash ( acnisal - works well at keeping blackheads/whiteheads at bay)

Jan marini glycolic cleanser

Neutrogena visibly refined pore minimissing moisturiser

I am trying to rder Julie's Apeel correct/Apeel daily and HA but am having probs registering on ebay!

Please help

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As far as I'm aware, the only person practicing TCA CROSS professionally is Dr A Chu at the Charing Cross Hammersmith hospital in London. You can get a referral to see him free on the NHS, but the waiting list is around 3 months. You can skip the waiting list if you see him privately, but expect to pay around £150 per CROSS treatment, and possibly more if combined with treatments such as N-lite, isolagen or subcision, which Dr Chu also performs.

Hope this helps.

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I have done a lot of research as i was interested in having TCA CROSS done by a "professional" and it appears that there is not one single place in the UK that offers it. I find that there's very few places that offer a wide range of scarring treatments such as subcision, punch floats, excision, and not just laser treatments.

If you do a search, you'll find that the vast majority of clinics only offer laser treatments and chemical peels as treatments for acne scarring. That is just not good enough and don't let them fool you with their promises of fantastic results because they won't happen. Like i said, there are VERY FEW clinics in the UK where you can go to get a wide range of acne scarring treatments. Dr Chu at Hammersmith Hospital in London is one.. he is an acne scarring specialist. I know of a dermatologist near Belfast in N Ireland that offers subcision, Excision, Punch grafts etc. I found one other place but can't remember off the top of my head. Other than that there is nowhere else that could treat different types of scarring properly.

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Dr Chu is now performing TCA CROSS? i wasn't aware. He wasn't not so long ago was he? if he does offer it he's probably the only derm/doc in the UK that does it

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He was supposed to be performing it from February, but I think it was delayed. I will ask him at my next appointment and ascertain whether he's actually doing it now.

There are some threads discussing it if you do a search on the boards.

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Dazarooni, I know what you mean about clinics offering peels with great results! I went to a place called the Laser and Light clinic in Loughborough. The lady doc there said that I could get good results with a series of 4 peels done weekly. They use the Easy peel which I believe is a TCA peel. When I rang up to ask what % they use, I was told 15% but she said that I would have no brown crusting etc.

She didn't look at me from different angles either, to assess my scars.. and then said they weren't that bad and that 4 tca wasy peels would be enough for me. I find it hard to believe that's all it would need. I know for a fact that's not enough for me. But when you're feeling vulnerable you want to believe someone when they say that can help you...

I once paid 2 thousands pounds to a clininc in london called the LST clinic who said they could cure me of my scarring with their special creams. I was young and very naive then.. they literally bullied me into giving them the money before I left the office whenI went in for a consultation. Learnt later they'd shut down!

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That is so bad 30something2. After you paid the £2000 did you get any treatment at all? I went to a laser clinic in glasgow (sk:n), basically i spilt my heart about how pissed off i was with my scars and low and behold what did they recommend?!?!... GLYCOLIC PEELS!!!!! at this time i thought great because i knew very little about the acne scar treatments and didn't know anything about glycolic peels. So i made a round trip of 140 miles one day every week for 8 weeks and gave them £400 for the peels.. did they help with my scarring? no.. they gave me additional scarring. On the second last peel i had they gave me 70% and left it on too long and it burnt my face and i had scabs for a week after, and it gave me shallow scarring. I could really do with that £400 right now because i'm going to a dermatologist soon who offers proper acne scar treatments. Just a pity i had to go through all that. I would advise that you give Dr Chu a shout if you live near him. I'm at the opposite end of the mainland up here in Dundee so he's a bit far away for me.

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I felt angry just thinking about your 140 mile round trips with no results to show for it! I can't believe some clinics! I paid £400 for a set of 4 glycolic peels a few yrs ago too.. did nothing!

I think I will make an appt with Dr Chu, I'm in the midlands so about 2hrs away. I have 3 kids so I have to plan it carefully... and allowing for downtime as well. I really hope Dr Chu can hlp me.. it's just more money and time and energy again! I'm kind of tired of it.

I wish I knew someone near me who could kind of go through it all with me....think It'd be less tedious then and maybe less of a drag!

What scar treatments are you going to try next? I'd be interested to know.

I'm still going to

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i want to see dr chu too, i am pretty desperate. i am a student and work part time, i am thinking next summer i can work full time and save up a loada money.

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I've never had any contact with Dr Chu, but judging by what people are saying on here, he is excellent at what he does. He is very sympathetic and has excellent people skills and offers a wide range of treatments so each type of scarring you have can be properly treated. As far as i'm aware, if you get a referral to him from you doctor you can get your treatment for free on the NHS, but there is a bit of a waiting list. If you go privately then you can see him sooner.

30something2, I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week, so will see what he recommends. He is trained in many procedures like dr chu and hopefully i can get treated soon.

polkadots where abouts in ireland are you? I'm from northern ireland. There is one dermatologist near Belfast who is trained in many acne scarring procedures and heads a clinic there. I can give you the details if you want

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