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Forearm Pour Scars

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Hey I am new to this board, looks very informative. I did a few searches, nothing related to what I was looking for. This is not really ACNE but I suppose it is similar with the after effects of scarring. Awhile back, possibly a year. I made a mistake of identifying a few pimples/bumps on my arm as acne and picked them eusa_naughty.gif. My ignorance led me to believe it would go away but it only spreads. So now all my pours on my forearm have scars. I let it heal for awhile after becoming aware of myself subconsciencly picking them turning into an ocd spectrum problem. After it healed I noticed some things, discoloration in different temperatures, pink-red/purple. I assume the body is constantly growing new cells so it appears that sometimes with no matter how many showers, or soup is used new cells get trapped in the scar. The same goes with sweating.

Now that was completely foolish and naive of me because I didn't find out until afterwards that damage is permanent and the skin being replaced is actually colagen. This upset me because my skin was farily nice before this incident. I am just wondering if there is anything that can be done to treat this... I understand scars can be somewhat treated but is it possible to treat small scarring of pours? Is there any possibility of ever getting the actual skin compound back or will that require some skin folding method or something. Excuse my stupidity, I am trying to put together what I know.

Thanks your input is appreciated.

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The colouring in the scars will probably fade in time, to make them less obvious. If not, you could have them camouflaged by permanent pigmentation techniques performed by aestheticians.

The closest thing to a 'folding' method would be scalpel excisions, but I think the skin on the arms may be too tight for this to be successfully implemented.

I'd advise you to get a referral to see a reputable dermatologist with a particular knowledge of scarring, or perhaps a plastic surgeon.

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