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David A

What I think about all day long

My usual thinking

I hate the fact that from whiteheads alone my chin, nose, below nose, and a little on the forehead is all scars.

I hate how I can never find anyone in public with as bad of skin as me, seems like there is no one out there with skin problems......

I hate how, with my face ruined there could of been a ways to prevent this from happeing, what if I just tryed that??.........(ive tried a lot though)

I hate how I have no chance with any girls I like......

I hate that ever morning I wake up with more hell on my face....endless process of whitehead then scar........

I hate how no matter how good im feeling, I'll constantly think of my face when I talk to anyone and end up avoiding eye contact a lot.....

I hate how people with a couple zits hate their lives.......

I hate when people talk about other peoples looks infront of me....I don't need to hear that people judge each other........

I hate seeing acne commercials on tv or hearing them on the radio, specialy with other people around.....puts me down everytime

I hate the cliche that people with acne don't take care of themsleves......

I hate being in well lit area's, I'm so much more comfortable in a darker setting.....

I hate that no matter what I try my skin is always horrilbe looking, daily breakouts, very oily skin during the day......

Well that went deeper then planned....Feels good to get that out....

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firstly, don't lose hope.

Maybe what you have are temporary scars, red marks? Scars from whiteheads I expect aren't very deep.

I have some scarring so just check my gallery and see what type of scarring you have. My cheeks are what you call ice picks, and my tmeples are rolling scar type things.

You also sound very introverted, I mean all these feelings you keep inside and with no reflection from others, your thoughts can become distorted. Write diray or soemthing, becaus ei know that helps with the depression.

And see your doctor, they have to know how bad acne makes you feel, they might even refer you to a derm, just keep trying to overcome it...

hope you feel better...

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Im not a fan of bright lighting either...it has the ability to make me squirm. Overall, I agree with your entire post. I hope things pick up for you. eusa_angel.gif

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Well, it's good that you've gotten all of that off your chest and possibly gotten to the root of the way you feel about your skin and your hatred in general. It's alright to hate smile.gif I hate every thing you've listed, probably even more and it could be considered negative but that's alright tongue.gif I especially hate acne commercials, they make me feel so small and I feel like everyone in the room is looking at me, suggesting with their eyes that I go immediately and purchase this "magic product".

I hope things do get better for you though and maybe you can add some positivity and love to your thoughts in time. Well take care and good luck smile.gif

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Thanks for the reply's.....

I'm actualy a very optomistic person givin the situation I'm in. That wasnt me just bitching that was me saying what can get in my head during my bad moments.....

I'm glad to hear some of you agree with the list....


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Guest TylerD

Listen to music. Takes your mind off all the bad shit.

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