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Acne cysts and protein digestion

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I read on the ask shelley website that cystic acne is caused by not being able to digest protein. That is really the only kind of acne that I get (the worst). Anyhow, I noticed that when I eat protein in food (crab cakes, eggs) I belch and get stomach pains. I have started taking hcl to see if it helps. I obviously can't stop eating protein but maybe start eating more nuts. I also know that protein shakes make me break out terribly. Anyone do any research on this?

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Yes. I suffer from the same kind of acne.

The liver breaks down protein and fat. When it's not broken down it down it just lingers in the body and increases the body's toxicity. I've no idea why we don't just shit it out. I have/had IBS anyway.

So the key to break down protein is having a healthy liver. Do liver flushes, the ones on curezone are good. You may want to do a parasite and bowl clense first. If you're like me when you do them at first your skin will clear itself completely.

My case may be different from yours though. I did 3 liver flushes, then no stones came out. After a while the good feels the flushes brought will dissipate. Then you'll wonder what's causing the strain on your liver. You eat hardly any proteinous food and never drink beer. You'll then find out your amalgam fillings are mercury poisoning you. You'll get them out.

This is the stage I'm at now. I've had 1 out of 3 fillings replaced. Already my skin feels better. And all my other minor health ailments seem to be going. But only time will tell.

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Oh yeah. About the stomach pains. I got the same. That's why I was diagnosed with IBS. That and the fact my stomack became so enlarged it was painful. They initially put me on 'fybogel' which solidifies my stool. And it did, and I felt better.

My bowl movements are a lot better now, less rabbit droppings like. This could either be because of the fybogel or the fact there's less mercury in my body. I'll find out when the fybogel runs out.

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Yea i do have regular bowel movements since detoxing but i take magnesium citrate evryday to keep myself regular. I have two fillings and a small brace behind my bottom teeth, i should have that removed i should of had it out when i was 18. I have a very dry mouth 24-7 which bothers me very much. I broke out in cysts on my back starting the hcl and got a really bad sinus infection (which I still have). I have not yet done a liver flush so I will try one as soon as i get some days off. Thanks for ur help!

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