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Acne and Diet diff for everyone; Perricone program

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For me, diet has a direct effect on my acne. Over the summer, I ate perfectly and did not over eat at any meals. I did this for 3 months. However, when I read people talking about how diet has no effect on acne (i.e. proactiv derms and ppl on this site), I started to break from this strict diet. For example, after I ate a burger, I broke out. Then, when I over ate a little, I broke out again.

Anyways, I am in college now and after many experimentations, I now see that for me, diet plays a main role. However, my roommate, who eats nothing but junk, doesn't have a single pimple and has the clearest complexion.

Bottom line, diet does play a direct role, but only in some people. People only say it doesn't b/c for them, it may be other factors, like stress.

For those interested in my diet, it has evolved since the beginning of the summer.

At first, I read the Clear Skin Prescription by Dr. Perricone. I followed his diet religiously. As a result, I rarely got acne. However, as the months progressed, I started adding more to my diet that Perricone specifically prohibited(like bread, carrots, potatoes, peas, etc). I only eat low cal, whole grain breads and sweet potatoes though. Also, I eat cereal now(also prohibited by perricone), but only organic cereal(i.e. Hi fiber multibran and Kashi). In a word, I now have a well balanced diet and fill up on veggies during meals and never over eat. As a result, I don't get acne.

By the way, yesterday, I decided to overeat to see what would happen and I broke out on my forehead.

Sorry for the long post. If anyone wants to know more about my experiences with the Pericone program just ask. Thanks for reading.

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