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few Regimen questions

well, i just got the Purpose gentle cleansing bar, and the neutrogena oil-free moisture lotion in the mail today, and i have C&C Continuous Control ceanser already. So, while im waiting for Dan's BP gel, i wanted to get a little head start.

Anyways, im using the 10% bp C&C stuff at the moment, and i was wondering, in the reigmen instructions it says dont wash the bp off. when i put the C&C BP on, it doesnt really absorb well, even after like.. 5 minutes of lightly rubbing it on. So i was wondering, when i get dan's gel, am i supposed to just leave it on after it absorbs, and then moisturize 5-15 minutes later? or am i supposed to wash it off right before i moisturize.

Right now im going to wash this BP off (because its 10%) right before i moisturize.. which is gonna be when i finish posting this.

thanks in advance.

EDIT: also... so far my skin hasnt ever been flaky or red (at least i havent noticed) after using bp, and ive been using it for a while, the 10% stuff... do i reallllly need moisturizer? im definitely gonna use it in the morning, because of sun, even though my face gets really oily throughout the day. But at night do i really need it?

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what you are using is a CLEANSER(C&C cleanser)! IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE KEPT ON more than the instructions(30 secs i think). YOU RUBBED IT IN FOR 5 MINUTES?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY??? Dan's gel on the other hand should be used after you wash your face with the soap. AND KEPT ON! when it dries, moisturize. Dan's gel is 2.5% bp btw.

Wow you are lucky you posted.

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anything that says cleanser/scrub: always wash off (unless it specifies on the product, like my cetaphil w/o water that you need not wash off)

dan's bp gel: leave on

moisturizers: always leave on (some ppl like to wait for 10 min for the bp gel to be absorbed before putting on the moisturizer)

sunblock: leave on

heh. i used to wonder if moisturizer was meant to be left on. d'uh. so don't feel so bad. just be more careful next time!

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hehe, i left it on for a while, my face isnt even red, for some reason my skin is resilient to everything. never gotten a sunburn in my life smile.gif

so anyways, keep dan's gel on when i get it, gotcha, thanks for the info

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