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Ever Heard of Levaquin or Klaron?

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my derm just gave me some of this crap, i hate derm like this guy. he acts like you have no clue what you are taking about and just prescribes something and is like see if this works, ill see you in a couple weeks. dumbass.

he told me my acne's not bad enough for accutane and the govt is requiring new regulations and stuff for accutane patients now so it would be a hassel. im mainly pissed that he didnt let me try out some Klaron, i got crazy sensitive skin and ive herad a lot of people say that klaron was the only thing that ever worked for them.

anyways, has any here tried or heard of Leviquin (its an antiboitic) or had good results with Klaron?

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My derm gave me Klaron because i was breaking out badly on Accutane after 3 1/2 months. It seemed to help alot. I don't know if the Accutane started to work better or if it was the Klaron. It is gentle. I like it.

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Klaron is AWESOME!! It really helped my skin, my skin isnt perfect yet because i still have some pimples but klaron really helped with the small little ones which i had all on my forehead. I love it and i'm going to continue to use it (i've used it for about 2 1/2 weeks i think). I'd recommend it to anyone, i dont know if it would help cystic acne though confused.gif

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I've been on Klaron for over a year now. My skin is totally clear now, but I'm using Differin and Klaron to keep me from breaking out again.

My derm, she originally prescribed me duac gel, but then I found out my skin was sensitive (Maybe even allergic) to bp.

Klaron is really gentle, and it works good for me.

Don't Give Up!


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yea my skin is way too sensitve and my derm gave me duac and differin even tho i told him it wouldnt work...and it didnt. i dont get why he wouldnt just let me give klaron a shot, hes just like its old, it wont work, try this pill. you think i could get a regualr GP doc to precribe it or does it have to be a derm?

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