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Has anyone tried Clinique 3-Step

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See, I use retin-A micro at night and want to continue doing so, thus the nighttime treatment gel won't work for me.

prettygurl, i am gonna give it a go.  I just keep thinking though, for my face, less is more.  The less stuff I put on it, the clearer I get.  Sleep and no stress are huge factors for my acne.  So maybe I will try the soap and the astringent but I am worried about the lotion (the dramatically different lotion) breaking me out.  Because in the morning I'll have to wash with soap, put on the astringent, the lotion, my sunscreen, base, and powder.  I forgot to mention that the clinique lady did say that the lotion would balance out the astringent when drying my skin out cuz i asked her that very question.  I have to wait till wednesday to pick it up.  This week is gonna be a busy one for me but I'll pick it up wednesday and keep you guys posted for two weeks.  If I get major break outs during those two weeks I'm returning the little bastards and getting a refund or exchange.

Thanks again!

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To clarify about the soap, I'm 95% certain that what used to be the green anti-bac soap is now the white 'acne solutions antibacterial facial soap'. Prob not a bad idea to remove the color.

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Well I'm pretty clear now thanks to retin-A micro and benzac. Very expensive boogers but worth it. I only have some red marks and occassionally I'll break out due to stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, period, etc. Here is my current regimen:


1.) Wash facew with st. ives radiance age-defying cleanser

2.) Tone with clinique mild clarifying lotion

3.) rub a small amount of benzac to my cheeks and spot treat pimples

4.) clinique tinted sunscreen oil-free spf 25

5.) Mac base (sometimes) and mac concealer

6.) clinique oil-free powder

Night time:

1.) Remove make-up with cliniques make-up remover for lids lashes and lips

2.) Wash face with St. Ives

3.) Tone with clinique toner

4.) Retin-A micro

5.) Benzac to cheeks and spot treat zits

I know it sounds like a lot but it has worked for me thru trial and error. I'm thinking that if this works for me then maybe I should stay with what I've got. Can I even get my money back if I have prepaid for all this stuff? I don't even have the clinique products right now but it would save me time and money to get a refund. Is a refund possible if I've already prepaid?

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I am a hardcore Clinique 3-stepper and i 3 step religiously. I have found that if you don't use the right combination of products for your skin, it becomes very VERY dangerous and disastrous things start happening. To give u an idea: please don't use the numbered toners. Use the Mild Clarifying lotion, it contains no alcohol. From my experience, all the numbered toners broke me out and type 3 is VERY strong. Please also stay away from soaps for oily skin (it doesn't matter how oily your skin is), I reccomend the mild soap. To give you an idea of the regimen that works for me:

1. Acne Solutions Antibacterial soap bar (this is my step 1) - it claims to break the bonds between skin cells that fail to slough off properly and it does just that.

2. Mild Clarifying lotion

3. BP


The SA will tell u to get tons of things that are unnecessary. Don't listen to them. They will suck you in buying their acne products (which suck - save for the soap bar).

I hear they are coming up with a 3 step regimen specifically for acne. My SA tells me that the laboratory success rates have been close to 99%. This comes out in June.

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BTW. Don't even waste your money on the 'daytime shield.' It does nothing at all - not even a little bit of oil control.

The nighttime gel's alcohol content is insane, but it does do an ok job of drying up pimples but i didn't find it preventing new ones ...

The spot healing gel is a good one and the concealer is also very good.

The cleansing foam is a little harsh but it does remove makeup and sunscreen well.

Make sure u are using DDMG and not DDML because the gel is oil-free.

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holy crap.

cliniques 3-step? the BIGGESSSTTT BS.

i tried it for 3months so dont say i didnt give enough time.

i met this lady who has worked for Clinique for 20years and she ended up confessing that Cliniques products are really useless and dont do much for your skin.

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