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I was just wondering about facials. Has anyone gottn one, if so what did it do for your complexion/acne?

If you dont know what a facial is (might use a different name in some countries, not sure) its when you go to a salon and they work on your face for 45min with vitamins and moisturizers etc.

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Personally i think facials suck! I've been going to these professional facials where they extract and pop all your pimples out!! It's excruciatingly painful!

Not only do they cause more scars (esp ice picked once since they use a needle and really press hard to get the pus out) it also make your face extermly red...

just my experience...dunno but others tough

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i guess its a matter of opinion.....

i persnally like facials. i have only gotten them at times where my acne was inactive, just small clogged pores and what not. they are trained to know how to "pop carefully and correctly" but i would make sure you go to someplace really nice where you know they are indeed trained professionals.

i think they are overall relaxing....but maybe a little weird at first to have someone besides yourself pick at your face. my face was red for maybe a day, but afterwards it was really soft and clean and i felt good knowing that my pores were clean and healthy. they also did a nice hand treatment and a mini massge....def cool.

if you have blackheads and small spots i would say you might really like it. if you have any cystic acne, dont go, itll just be pain and possibly some embarrassment, but tahts just my opinion.

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I do a facial at least 2 x's a year, just to get professionally cleaned out. And i do enjoy getting picked at by someone else....maybe it's a lil' weird but I dig it. However, not all facialists are equal, and sometimes even the good ones can "mess up" i.e. pick one that shouldn't be touched, etc.

I also always get a glycolic peel, which is so wonderful and smoothing, eats away most whiteheads, etc. .....but then again....the wrong aesthetician and you get literally burned.

i give it a "Thumb up w/ awareness"

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yeah well I just got my facial yesterday, and i can say that it worked wonderfully. All my pimples are besically gone, or at least really small and smooth, no bump anywhere. Ofcourse I still have my red marks but thats a work in progress (neutorgena multivitamin).

So my advice to you people is that for me it was worth the $50 CDN, and I recommend that you guys try them too. It doesn't get stop your acne from coming back of course, but with the regimen, I think I can keep it under control from coming back.


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:D I do my own facial at home and I love it. If anyone is interested I can write down the recepy. It's kinda long, so if you care, write down your request.
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