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endless sorrow

i've tried...

for the past 3 years i've battled increasingly bad acne...at first i thought nothing of it and tried basic home remedies...eventually i gave up and went to a doctor, but i can't afford the treatments they want to give me, so i had to stop...now, almost a year later, i have given up. there's nothing i can do anymore. i can't interact with people anymore...when i do i notice how they treat me, either repulsed or extra nice because they pity me...not like a normal person. i can't find work...i don't have confidence to do anything. i have prayed and god has ignored my prayers. i ask anyone who reads this to pray for me, i will give it one more week.

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i know first hand how you feel...i think almost everyone on this board has felt the exact same way. i've been suffering from acne for 6 years, and since december my acne has been out of control. i have been on antibiotics, retin a...all to no avail. finally, i'm going to give accutane a try.

my suggestion to you is go to a derm. one last time. roche (the makers of accutane) have a program in which you can apply for free accutane. FREE! they will pay for all the pills in your treatment. there's no harm in just going to your derm and trying it.

just hang on and have hope..i'm almost positive my acne is worse than yours..and even i have hope! i know it's hard...somedays i feel like i've run out of motivation to even get up. but life isn't over...so until then, i'm going to give it at least a fighting chance...

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A year ago last December, I lost a job due to my acne. I spent a week in bed...pretty much sleeping & crying until my back hurt & my face swelled. Then I picked and made it worse.

i know what you're feeling and I'm sorry....it's painfull to feel that way, esp. about yourself.

Please try the regimen. It helped me. Also consider internal therapy, I use bcp's as my acne is hormonal.. but B5, Accutane etc.

Don't give up!!!! you ARE worth the fight!!!

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