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bad skin

is this regime better than retin-a

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Hi, i have been using Retin-A for two years. It helped my horrible acne clear up significantly. However I still suffer from acne and my face is horribly red (I am not as careful as I should be). I am only using a concentration of .01%. It seems as though using the Benzoyl Peroxide may work better. Can anyone offer me advice either way?

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well, that's hard to say since Retin-A actually worked for you. For me, Retin-A created a huge problem with my skin and caused me to have lots more pimples. Once I stopped, my face started to look so much more healthy and it cleared up a lot from BP. If your face is getting really red, then BP might work better for you. Ask your derm. what you should do.

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the regimen is such a tie down. it's like you have to bring all these products everywhere you go, and do everything really painstakingly. and then you wake up in the morning and you have a silly white mask on. everything starts to smell of bp all the time, and it makes you feel dry and crusty and dirty especially when you sweat. thats just my experience with bp. now i've been on retin a micro .04 for about 8 months, and i have so little acne nobody seems to notice it or comment on it except me. all i do is bring my little tube whenever i'm away, and i wash my face at night and put on a tiny bit. i'm down to about half a pea size a night for my face, neck and chest, and i'm never dry, and i look much better. i'm still 16, so i'm not too concerne with being 100% clear. i'm pretty sure my cycle will just end when the time is right and i'm done with puberty.

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