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I've never had to deal with acne much before in my life. but suddenly, at age 21, I find myself desperate to Fix this problem. However I still find my confidence relativly high. If you're into any self help stuff at all, you'd know that; what other people think of you, actually originates from what you think of yourself. Its how you carrie yourself, how you talk, etc etc.

A simple example is for you to close your eyes, then think back to a time when you felt like the king of the world.. you where the Sh*t, you where on fire. Really think of how it felt and what emotions you where experiencing. Spend a good 30 seconds thinking back to this time and re-live it. Now notice that as you think of that moment, you're possibly adapting some of your body language to mirror how you felt at that time. It's probably making you feel happy, and confident. You might even let a smile creep across your face.

While thats all fine and dandy, Unfortunatly for alot of us, that works in reverse aswell. Every time you dwell infront of the mirror, you mentally kick yourself. You take on poor body language and a poor/negative outlook on life (even hiding your face during conversations or in your idle time). Thinking of all the things that your acne is limiting or preventing. Furthemore, people are very good at subconciously reading other people. If you are feeling self concious or like you have low self esteem.. they will pick up on it, and whether they are nice people or not, they'll act accordingly... simply put, its not the acne, its your attitude (there are always exceptions though, for those whom choose to dissagree).

I've kept my spirits relativly high, and my confidence has been good. But each week that my acne gets worse, my confidence sinks a bit. More specifically Whenever I dwell on the image I see in the mirror. (working very hard on keeping that in check)

A Big part of Confidence, is never telling yourself any negative affirmations. Never say negative things out loud, never say them in your mind, and if anyone else says negative things about you, reframe it so it's a positive critism, or nothing more than an indication of their own insecurities. It sounds silly, but Its the very basis of confidence and self esteem. You'll never see a high confidence person talking down to themeselves. Think about it.

Unfortunatly, Its more complicated than just stopping yourself from thinking negative or limiting thoughts (Especially for females, whom are applied, and apply themselves, to higher standards). While that does help quite a bit, for me anyways, The deeper frustrations of not being able to do anything about this problem is what really hurts me the most. Its That feeling of helplessness. I'm just over a week into my current perscription (tetracyclin and defferin) and noticing no positive change at all, however, this site Is great, and I've learned alot in the past day or two. Its hard to find this much quality information in a medical feild that you can't seem to get any straight answers from. Even the doctors seem to only know what the drug companies tell them (havn't talked to a dermatologist yet, just my normal Doctor).

Alas. I digress. Lets keep this post positive. Now, I know for a fact many of you have had a VERY hard battle... and some continue to battle through the hardest parts. I've shared some of the techniques I use to keep my spirits high, and I'd like to hear some stories and Techniques that some of the more experienced Acne sufferers may have.

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