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Some answers please :)

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Hi, I'm considering antibiotics. First I'd like to get an impression what kind of antibiotic you people use/used.

So please tell me what kind of antibiotic are you using/did you used and did you get clear from it(if you finished it)?

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I've been on 100 mg a day of minocycline for the last 6 months and things have been going great. you can check out my log.gallery to see how i improved. hope this helsp!

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Been on Tetracycline in the past by itself cleared me up but came back

now im on bp 5%, retina 0.001% and minocycline 50mg 3x a day.. I did 100mg once a day for about 3-4 weeks then did a 10 day cycle of bactrim then did the 50mg 3x a day and i got a GREAT improvement. only been on this for about 6 weeks.

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My minocycline results are similar to hackus. I really should post a pic at some point..but i don't have very many "before" pics.

One thing..there is always a time when you'll still break out. be patient..it passes..what i find the antibiotics do is cause the pimples to be not as big, and heal faster. Thats the good part...basically it helps with inflammation. Always follow up your antibiotics with a really good course of topical. my sure fire drug regimen:

100mg of minocycline 2X a day

copious amounts of benzamycin at night

dalacinT on my forehead at the very least once a day (this is SO easy as its done with a bingo dabber like applicator)

diane 35 (i realize this won't work for the males..sorry)

asprin when i feel the need

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