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So I am a 28 yr old male, and i had the regular full on explosive acne as a teen. however these days i rarely get whiteheaded puss filled pimples these days, y'know the type that hurt and if you pop them they bleed.

What I do get is the little bumps all over my cheeks and chin, and the front of my lower neck. They don't disappear if left alone, and in fact only seem to get bigger. If popped, a sludge of white substance, which is almost hard (ie not runny), will fire out. The bump will disappear within a few hours once the swelling has gone down.

However, the same bump will return in exactly the same spot within 2 -3 weeks.

I''ve just bought some 'Neutrogena Skin Cleansing face wash for men' which contains salycylic acid. I've been using it twice a day for about a week.

Now, instead of the 2-3 week cycle, the bumps return after popping within a couple of days.

Can anyone shed any light? Should I stop using this? Is this just a case of it getting slightly worse before it gets better? Is there anyone else with a similar problem who has used some other OTC treatment to good effect?

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hey skeletor, i think you're talking about the same thing we were just discussing in another topic... try reading the topic "closed comedones? papuals? help!" a few lines down. from what i understand they are closed-pore blackheads. i found that salicylic acid makes me break out more, but that's just me. i'm not really sure how to get rid of these bumps though, i don't think we ever figured it out.. maybe someone else can offer some advice..

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I do get these annoying bumps or should I say comedones/clogged pores every now and then. I don't think there is a sure method to get rid of them thoroughly and permanently unless you're rich enough to get regular facials or IPL. I try to keep those clogged pores to a minimum by using a soap-free cleanser twice a day, deep cleanse at least once a week & maintain a healthy diet. Sometimes when I can't stand it, I'll use a blackhead extractor to remove them but this method is not advisable in the long run.

I'm not sure if salicylic acid helps, but perhaps AHA & gycolic acid peels may help. Though I've heard that it may worsen for some people cuz it cuases the skin to peel off too quickly & clog up inside their pores.

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