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Dan, red marks.

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Well its been 4 months on this regimen and I have the same red marks that I did when I started and they do not heal!!!

I remember you saying they do go away but its been 4 months and no fading at all!!! I quite a bit of small indented red spots, and two larger ones... will they heal with more time.

BTW I do not breakout a single pimple anymore but the scars are really stubborn.

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Macules, or these red marks you're speaking of, sometimes take many months to fade. Have they faded at all? Up to a year is needed sometimes.

Good news is that you're not getting any new acne that will make new red marks.


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Sierra, I am EXACTLY like you. I think i will try Desitin (that stuff for babys) to try and fade these red marks. Come to think of it, when i started the regimen, i had mostly red marks... i thought the regimen helped red marks but it doesn't :D

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The waiting is hell!!!!!!!! I want them to heal now... :D

its so agonizing just waiting for these scars to heal, but after a year from now and I do belive my face should be almost 100% clear... its just the waiting that sucks soooo much.

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Try to use products with ZINC OXIDE and TITANIUM OXIDE, they can lighten you red marks. Hence, you can have peel of BHA(salicylic acid) as it can penetrate into your skin to reval newer skin.

You can also try products that contains retinol acetate because retinol acetate tend to make your skin to restore itself faster...just be patient.

PATIENT is the word to acne scar....ROME is not build in ONE day..ONE year...but it takes a period of time....

You can read my articles about mask in the section of

OVER-the-counter medication with the topic

HOW to choose mask that will accelerate the heal of acne

hopefully it does help you..

god bless you all


garkee2002 :wink:

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