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serious skin care products for red marks?

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has anyone used serious skin care's glycolic cleanser and their fading fliud? They claim to help reduce discoloration. Also tell me what has worked for you with red marks. thanks

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If the fading fluid contains an ingredient called hydronoquine, beware because it has bleaching properties that aren't great for your skin. I would advise anybody to stay away from purely cosmetic ingredients like this which harm your skin in the long-run which offset any short-term gain.

The glycolic cleanser should help, but try to find an exfoliant like salicylic acid, Retin-A, or even glycolic acid moisturizers/serums which you can place on your face all day or at night. The effect of leaving on these milder acids for a long period of time should be much more beneficial than just washing your face with glycolic acid. Make sure you find a good exfoliant, though; there are many which claim great results, but irritate the skin or break you out more. Also make sure not to overdo any of these topical ointments; they're acid, after all, and can be quite irritating (kind of like Pauly Shore).

Also, in general, when buying from a web site-based company: send them an e-mail for advice. If you don't get an answer, never go back. If they are pawning off 5 different products that will cost you a small fortune, be very wary. See if they know what they are talking about. If they simply have an e-mail address and no phone number to reach them, then don't bother=it's probably one guy running a business from his home or a friend's basement. Testimonials are also important; any decent web site should have one, but don't be totally sold solely on this page on the company web site. See if people talk about it in forums like this and try to find a general vibe on these products.

Good luck!

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I haven't used Micro, but regular old Retin-A is one of the best and mostly widely presribed topical treatments for red marks. It might take a few months, and you'll probably experience redness and peeling, but that's because the top layer of skin (mostly dead skin cells) is being sloughed off and new cells are being regenereated much faster than without Retin-A.

FYI, Micro only comes in .1%, the strongest concentration of any retinoic acid (which is different from retinol, BTW. I guess I'm just an encylocopedia of retin-blank knowledge :wink: ). However, it is milder than the original Retin-A, though I am not totally sure how. I just know it only comes in this concentration, which is far milder than the equivalent .1% original Retin-A which would make you resemble an iguana's skin after a few weeks use!

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i see...thanks for the info...so i should jsut stick with using the .1% solution and just deal with the redness and peeling(which seems like it wont ever stop).

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