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Ive had acne scars (brown spots) for awhile now and I want to get rid of them! I thought my face was getting better with various things I've been doing, but I looked in my car rear view mirror and my face looked like ASS! What made things worse was that I was at a bank ATM machine and a friend I havent seen in 2 years saw me! Was I happy to see her? NO!!! In my mind I was thinking abot my face and how crappy it looked the whole time. That was the last straw, Ive been patient and I still look like crap, I need something more powerful. Im thinking laser treatment.

I'm confident they can be removed somehow, someway sense they arent at all indented. Just smooth brown spots! I live in Simi Valley, CA (hour from Los Angeles), I want to find a laser treatment! Please help me!

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I went to this site to check out a product and found some info you might be interested in, the site is SkinCare RX.com, don't know if you're familiar with it already, but there is a small message board and someone there posted something on spots too, one gal said she used this stuff from www.naturefin.com and it worked, it may just be hydroquinine I dont' know but you can check it out.

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I was typing that late last night and made a mistake, the site is www.naturefina.com, but I typed it in myself and got just some more advertising, I will have to email the person that posted this and ask about it.

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