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Yes, they're in Spanish language. Take a look at it. They are old pages, and new treatments with this works at 100% and is incredible...hope we have it in not so much time!

hey longits how about a translation to english -

just a summary will do.


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longits - your all posts are new miracle =D>

i always think that someday my face will be clear [-o<

please give us information about this method.

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Well i think again, all in this world is the commerce. Farmaceuticals are selling us creams that doesn't works...

The article that i post (i couldn't find something in English) is just the solution. Is used for burned skins (if this cream works in burned skins, imagin what could do in scars...eliminate it??). Is a research of Biotecnology Centers in Cuba (Cuba is incredible, the people die by hungry and the Medical tecnology is the more advance of the world...). The solution of all: EGF (epidermal grow factor). The cream is just a genetical modification of this natural factor that are in our skin.

PROBLEMS: The cream IS ONLY IN CUBA and a little more countries that have aproved it. But i found that in my country (and a lot of countries too) are now investigating it to approve. In Cuba the cream is called "Hebermin" (try to search information about this in english, hope you find something). Note that the best derms of the world uses a lot of creams of Cuba, and i don't really know why, but now maybe i can understand it.

I hope that all the people who read it can investigate and post here, because i really knows so little about all this but it really sounds amazing.

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There are few websites in english that explain this cream. My take on it so far is that it is used for burns, deep or superficial, which facilitates healing time and gives the dermis higher granulation quality. It is composed of recombinant DNA of 53 amino-peptides, and silver for it's antibiacterial capability. Sounds very interesting. Maybe after a chemical peel, this cream would be of great significance. I don't think it is meant for already healed skin. I wonder how one could get a hold of this cream in the US? :-k

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thanks stefany for your information. Yes, when i say that is for burn skins i mean that in scars maybe can works a lot of better (not that it can be used). And it seems like the best aplication of this new cream is in a clinic after a 70%(very strong, only a derm can do it) AHA session. I found a page that says that in 3-4 months the skin is full new, and scars goes at 90-95 per cent, that is a very very high number.

I don't know who can sell this cream, but i think is too new and this is the reason that we can't buy it for the moment. In my country the government is studying it.

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Is this the same treament that you saw it on TV? You said they were using some enzymes(detecting mother cell) and all that. You said they are performaing this in california and its still experimental. can you clarify this,please?

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dim I'm not sure because i couldn't contact with the TV. But trying to search about this, i found EGF (epidermal grow factor) that maybe is connected to what i see in tv. I'll keep you informated.

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One of my kid's been off school with the flu today, so I've been trying to do some research on the Hebermin cream/EGF - I'm not doing too well but have sent various emails - no response as yet - but I want to bump this thread - I think it will be VERY important at some stage.

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OK - I just split this thread up - coz it continued about that TNS stuff - and we need to keep this about the Herbemin/EGF stuff ...

I add Longits post here:

People, i'm so happy that this post turns very interesting. I just think that the only way to remove damaged skin is only to create it by EGF. But the question is obvious: will the new DNA recognoize the scar and \"fill\" it?

Anyway, this new creams (that are really biotecnology) sounds amazing. The photos of the first page are just incredible.

Please post any notice of all this, is is very important.


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Maya, i'm recopilating a lot of information of Hebermin and derivates. Is really amazing. But this product is very "exclusive". And about new tecnologies that are used in France and Germany but, at the moment, with burned skin.

I have talked with one friend that has a very bad scar in is forehead for a chemical accident. He was treated in Paris, France. I know that is difficult to believe it, i'll try to post the photo (he has before and after), the result is perfect. I mean, when i say perfect i say that the scar DOESN'T APPEARS. When i begin to ask him about all this, he explain me that he pays a lot of money (more than 600€, for just one scar :-s ), but the solution was what he was looking.

The procedure was performed on October 23, and the results are visible one week later when the old skin falls and the new borns. There are pain associated. When i asked him about what is exactly the method, he tells me that the doctor uses one cream for 30 minutes. Then remove it (it hurts!), and later another for one hour. Then removes it, and another for 30 minutes. The doctor explains him that the procedure was simple: first, he "kills" the old skin (and, of course, at a deeper level to destroy the scar, that is the most important thing, because the fail of all the treatments is that they try to increase cells, but the scar doesn't dissapears, i mean, the body can't distroy the scar). Later, with a kind of "plastic"(that is the second cream), borns the new skin. I think this is the most important: this second cream (plastic cream) is made with EGF and a lot of ingredients that i doesn't know. But what is really "rare" is that in this cream, there is not collagen, not vitamin C, not retinol...

I'm beginning to think that money is just the only think that make works the things. Prize for a face treatment? More than 5000 €...

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Who is this doctor? Where do they operate? Can we get a group flight? This sounds too good to be true. When I think about all the time I spend and have spent thinking about this subject it would be a bargain!

Please let us know and please see if you can get the pictures posted!

Thanks, Anna

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Don't get too excited - but I have managed to 'speak' with someone form Cuba - he is at this moment trying to find out how to get hold of the cream. Will keep you posted when I have news.

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Guest Scorpioness


Maya... you are too much... in a good way... very good.... You are like a scar warrior...lol. This board is like a think tank and between all of us putting our heads together... feeding off of each others ideas and research with more ideas and research is exciting! Combinations of all the things learned here can take us far beyond where most derms or plastic surgeons can.

Too bad SweetJade isn't over here on our side dedicating all her research to scar recovery rather than just acne recovery.... I would love her over here! The more great minds the merrier! biggrin.gif

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Good News!

This guy in Cuba has found out where Herbermin is sold... he just needs to make some phone calls to know prices and the best way we could have it.

He works in a biotechnology lab..not far from the lab

where Herbermin is produced. He also works with the EGF principle but in their case to treat cancer..

Stay tuned biggrin.gif

Scorpion_Vixen - Yup, I wish SweetJade was researching this too!

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I was doing a google search on Hebermin..

Here is a description from http://www.citesa2000.sld.cu/catalogue/med...edicam-in2.html :

Hebermin (epidermal growth factor)

Characteristics :

Hebermin is a cicatrizant cream that has a high effectiveness in the treatment of the cutaneous lesions, because its fundamental component is the factor of human Epidermal Growth (FCEh). The FCEh is a peptide of 53 amino acids that stimulates the cellular proliferation. It is produced in the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) through recombination techniques of DNA applied on a strain of genetically transformed yeast , so that it contains the gene of the human protein under a high level of expression.


Hebermin is indicated for the burn treatment, achieving a considerable reduction of the cicatrization time, in superficial and profound dermic burns. In hypodermic burns, Hebermin also shortens the time of evolution upon achieving an area of granulation of more quality that facilitates the reception of the graft. Hebermin is very useful in the ulcer treatment by extravasation of cytostatics and by circulatory insufficiency, and in the prophylaxis of injuries due to superficial radiation therapy. .

Forma de Presentación:

White polyethylene opaque flasks with capacity for 30 and 200 gr.

Countries where it is commercialized:

Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Belarus, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Laos, Lithuania, Latvia, Nicaragua, Peru, Rep. Dominican, Romania, Saint Lucia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Viet-Nam.


As you can see, there are quite a few countries where it is commercialized. Now we just need to get our hands on it smile.gif

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This is the same product I believe, and it is marketed as FACDERMIN at least in Uruguay. Perhaps in other places as well. Maybe you can try to look for this in St. Lucia, Wisky 2001.

Further, I found somewhere that seemed to sell Hebermin (painkillerpharmacy.com) but when I asked them if it were available, they said no, and then when i further questioned whether they knew where I could get it, they said "unfortunately, we can't help you." So maybe they're just not allowed to tell me? I don't know. Maybe someone from outside the states might want to try asking.

Like others have mentioned, there must be something you need to do in order to remove the scar first. Is TCA / AHA / some type of peel the answer? perhaps, perhaps not. we don't know.

Longits, perhaps you can ask your French friend to ask his doctor just exactly what it was that he had done?

EGF sounds exciting. It seems to work on the same principle as the skinbio stuff, except I never found the skinbio to do anything (I've always chalked up the skin bio product results to the regular use of acids) and further, I think it's a bunch of pseudo science. (If copper peptides were really that good at healing, etc., there would be a lot more money in it and you'd see it all over the place.) the EGF stuff, on the other hand, has been pursued by many pharmaceutical companies and seems like a lot more scientific studies have been done on them, and not just by the people selling/trying to profit off of them. Also, the guy who found this peptide won the Nobel Prize in 1986.

Still, I wonder how even with EGF, how we can get our skin to "forgot" the scar. Right now, a large problem is that even after removing the scar by some method, the dermis "remembers" what the skin looked like with the scar, and not before that, so it tries to heal that way. How does the EGF change that?

in any case, i want some! smile.gif There are actually some products you can find that have this in the US but they're expensive and I wonder why it doesn't get talked about more often. Perhaps they are not as strong as the products from overseas? Anyway, something such as : http://www.naturalwellbeing.com/nwbproduct...nfo.cfm/prod/77


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I too wonder about the skin's ability to remember it's original healthy appearance.

Also, I am wondering what kind of EGF we are talking about here. I found a scientific supply house that sells various factors for research and there are many pages and many varieties of EGF. I wonder how their action on the skin differs.

Here is the site:


You have to register to get the prices and some of them are very steep!


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