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Chest and Back scars

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I know I ve posted about this before but could someone point me inth right direction regarding any decent sources of info for scars on my chest left by numerous huge boil-type lumps that used to lose a lot of blood out of them lost upto 8ml (almost enough for a full blood sample) (sometimes 8-9 spots together) that used have openings as big as most large zits (they're big, smooth and look like I've been stabbed there/mix of mild burns and a kind of huge stretch mark appearance- apologies for the poor descritption) and back - I as understand no laser techniques can be used yet -its not safe? How about this needling technique could that work on such a large area? Sorry for gross explanation.

I'd really appreciate the groups advice.


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Guest niko

Yes Needling will break down the scar tissue and stimulate Collagen in the dermal layer. Do not do Self-Needling, like any procedure this needs to be done by a professional, its not very risky and is highly effective, check it out.

Type in Needle Abrasion in Google and all the websites on it will come up ( all 6 )

Good Luck

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I have large areas on my back, chest and shoulders of tiny acne scars. :D

They are tiny (some bigger) raised scars. I have very pale, fair skin and it kinda looks like sundamage ( I think), but I haven't been out in the sun in years. I was wondering what kind of treatment would work since it is such a large area. I think this is past any kind of over the counter treatment. I need serious help here! :) It is just kind of embarassing to talk about it with anyone (even a family member) let alone a doctor. :oops: So I was wondering if anyone knew of any treatments maybe a derm could do that might help. It really bothers me and really would like to try and fade them at least a little. I am not expecting a miracle, just a little hope. O:) If anyone has any information, please let me know! Thanks! :) [-o<

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