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Intense Pulse Light on scars

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My derm suggested me to get IPL photo treatments. He wants me to get 8 treatments, one treatment per week. Is it really effective on scars? is getting the treament once a week neccesary if money is a concern?

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Guest Marino


I'm having IPL at the moment for my forehead,

i actually had 3 in April but a recent breakout has meant i've had to retreat all the new red marks.

All though this does have some affect on collagen it does nothing for indented scaring.

It works very well for redness, and is the treatment of choice by rosacea patients.

8 seems excessive, i think 5 will be enough [i've seen good results from 3, and in this latest set i've had 2 with a clear differnce].

Red marks are actually a blood clot. IPL manages to break that clot by going deep in the skin where most light/medium peels cant go to give an equal improvement.

As for doign them weekly, i had my first 3 sessions weekly and i remember some browness after the second treatment which is what i have now.

Its only a little mark which you have to concentrate to pick up in certain lighting but its definalty there.

I doubt its permanent, but i think its from having the treatments to close together.

If this brown mark doesn't clear up by wednesday morning im going to reschedule my next appointment for the week after and have them fortinghtly.

Its suggested to have these treatments once a month [yea right lol.gif ] but i think 2 weeks should be fine.

Also remember to very gentle on your skin, this makes its very sensitive so no scrubing or exfoliating while your doing it.

Also make sure you dont have any activre acne, as my only 2 acne scars came during my IPL treatments which made my skin very fragile.

Take care

EDIT: I just went over my personal blog now and i did have some brown pigmentation/crusting like affect after my second treatment in April.

It went away, this is an ideal treatment with little permanent sideaffects.

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thanks. But my derm told me that IPL is tpretty effective in treating acnes as well as redmarks. He showed me the Head of his IPL machine, which has the word "Acne" on it.

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