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So did Differin work for anyone? And does anyone know...

If differin helps improve scars?.........

Does it take 8 weeks to work?...........

Can it be used with the regimen?............

Any thoughts would be welcomed :D


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HEY i've been using differin for nearly 3 months now and i think it's working but i'm also on antibiotics so i'm not sure which one is helping. FOr me (along with anitbiotcs) I saw great improvements in 2 weeks time. and now i'm RELATIVELY CLEAR, sitll have couple of whiteheads but not too notcible (i hope). ANd no differin does not help with scars only help clears pimples. YOu're also suppose to experience a break out in abotu 4 weeks time but ifyou're lucky like me you might not. Also aparently some people notice some irritation and dryness too but i haven't experienced any of those.. I'm curretnyl using it on my back (suggested by my derm) ..it doesn't seem to be working much.. oh well hope this has helped. I'm not sure if it can be used with the regime. i think i'm going to switch tot he regime after this tube of differin cos from hearing from a lot of people, differin becomes ineffective through time..

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