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Facial Acne

Signs: Blemishes ranging from whiteheads to inflamed papules and pustules.

Causes: Adult acne is often a result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause. Skin that has been irritated by shaving or makeup may also be susceptible to outbreaks.

Tips: To help reduce acne, avoid excessive contact with your face, such as resting your chin in your hand. At night, thoroughly cleanse your skin with a product that removes face and eye makeup, and sleep on clean cotton pillowcases. Be sure to wash makeup brushes once a month using an alcohol-based cleanser. To help clear up pores, use oil-free sunscreen , non-comedogenic cosmetics and a mild cleanser. A clay mask or drying lotion may also help. Squeezing is a serious no-no. Instead, try over-the-counter remedies containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha and beta hydroxy acids. If you tend to have large, deep blemishes and frequent outbreaks, it's time to see a dermatologist. These kinds of pimples may leave scars, and a dermatologist can prescribe drugs that eliminate acne-causing infections. eusa_angel.gif



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Doctors and derms only put a patch on acne. They take your money, and your acne disappears for some time, but returns. If you have severe acne, then seeking a derm is a must. You have to compare your acne with your age. If your in high school, acne comes and goes for most of us. If your an adult and still have acne like myself, then derms won't work. There are other ways to help slow down our acne, but you'll have to research.

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