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to tamara:

i´ve already tried (or better i´m still trying ) glycolic peels and copper peptides. its now 3 monhs, and i see some results but they are minimal.

so i was thinkin to try something new. i also think that one should go from the less invasive methods up to the more invasive methods ,to reduce side effects and risks. on the other side, hello50 is right that like this you have to probably wait longer to see results.

so, subcision and needling in very difficult to find someone that performs this in switzerland.

also the scars that bother me most are the depressions on the one cheek, so the tca method is probably not working on them, i suppose you mean this for the scar between the depressions?

i also think now that some depressed scars are tethered down while others not (using the pinch test) so i think for the one scar smoothbeam would be better and for the other subcision, correct me if im wrong.

but what are the side effects of smoothbeam , is it really non-ablative?!

are there really big risks associated with this treatment?

and what are the advantages/disadvantages compared to n-lite (is v-beam the same as n-lite, ive read they have the same nm light wave lengths, so I suppose its more or less the same)

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Hi Raffaele: I agree that if you've already tried glycolic peels and haven't gotten results then it is time to try something more aggressive.

The reason I suggest the least invasive methods for you in particular is because most of your scarring looks pretty superficial to me and I think that if the less invasive things work, why risk further scarring. :( Anyway, that's just my opinion.

You might call Dermatologists in Switzerland and ask if they perform "undermining". Some Dermatologists are not familiar with the term "subcision" though they understand the technique. Just a suggestion.

For the couple of scars that you have that are deeper, if they are small then I would go for the TCA (cross method) if it's possible to get in Switzerland.

For the tethered down scars, subcision or needling are the best methods of scar reduction for them.

I have heard from people who have had SmoothBeam that it works best on more shallow scars with smooth edges.

There is more about smoothbeam here: www.smoothbeam.com

As far as I know it is non-ablative. It doesn't work the same way that a CO2 laser works. CO2 is definitely ablative. I have heard that people who have had SmoothBeam that it can be uncomfortable, but there is a numbing cream that can be used before the procedure. You might experience some redness and swelling, but I don't think there will be anything major other than that. I haven't heard of anyone being bruised, but I have not had the procedure done myself.

From all I have read on N-Lite and SmoothBeam, N-Lite seems to be even less ablative than SmoothBeam, but it is possible that SmoothBeam might yield better results for deeper acne scarring. I have had N-Lite, but not SmoothBeam, so I cannot make a valid comparison between the two lasers other than what I have heard. You might do a search on yahoo.com or google and see what you come up with. :D I hope that helps.

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