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regimen dilemma

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I just started Dan's Regimen about one week ago, and it is truly unbelivable. I have not gotten any new pimles since (which is the unbelivable part!) and my current pimples have gone down in swelling almost completely. I am truly amazed. Here's my dilemma: My Doc just prescribed Benzaclin (mornings) and Tazorac (nights). Should I used these meds instead of the OTC BP? I dont want to ruin a good thing. I have heard that you break out with Tazorac before seeing any results. I havent picked up the Meds ONLY because I cant decide what to do. Has anyone done this or something similar. Please help!!!

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If you are fully satisfied with the regimen, keep it ! You have found a succeful treatment of acne, that is very rare for this disease !

Just enjoy ! :)/

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You should have mentioned to your dermatologist that your on an over-the-counter product regimen....

I def say you stick with the regimen and see if it clears things up after a couple of weeks... if not go with what ur derm said...

besides you already have all the regimen products ready to go

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Thanks everyone, but guess what I already got the medications before I checked back here. My insurance covers prescriptions so it doesnt cost me anything. See, when I went to see my derm I had been on the regimen like one day so I didnt know how well it would work. I have been on the regimen for over one week and my face is really stinging at this point. Im so damn sensitive! I need a moisturizer that is OIL FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE, HAS SPF, AND ACTUALLY MOISTURIZES. Anything I try just stings on my face. I havent broke out with any new pimples but my face is very irritated. Just from the regimen alone. Should I take a break from all the meds? What do you guys think? BTW, Benzaclin has 5% BP, but I havent put it on yet.

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