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closed comedones? papuals? help!

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Finally someone with the same problem as me. I almost never get the pimples with the pus in them. I think I get those things (I call them clogged pores) because my skin is dryand flaky and that skin gets trapped in my pores. Bp did nothing for them. I was put on differin and it worked wonders, until I moved and it irritated my skin. I was staying with my family until the closing of my new house and was away from my humidifers. I am back on it now and I think it is working because I am breaking out.

I could never pop those things and they stay for a really long time. The only thing I think you can do is see a derm.

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i had those closed comedones, and they annoyed me a LOT. what i did was see my derm and she said i have to get a glycolic acid peeling mask thing. so thats what i got. i think she put this really strong glycolic acid on my face, it stung and she left it for a while. on the next day all of those closed comedones came to surface (well 80% did) and i could treat them normally from then. i had to get another one of those peels to get all of those comedones up. i have to repeat this process every 3 months at least because these closed comedones keep forming. though im using Bio Derma's Sebum K2 which prevents them, and if they are there, helps them rise gently to surface.

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